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Barack Obama pretends he is for free trade

October 16, 2008

Senator Obama just said he was for free trade. Then he began to list all of the ways he would extort tax dollars from American’s if he were given the chance to be president. McCain is also pretending he is for free trade. Does anyone believe them? The both simply believe in promoting any and all powers of the State.

And to think we had a chance to elect the best Congressman in American history to be president of these United States. And you blew it, thanks a lot…”Joe the Plumber.”

There are so many economic fallacies that permeate the American populace…I often think it depressing to think how difficult it would be to have to year in and year out, debunk the same inanities.

Also take 10 or 15 minutes to listen to Professor Peter G. Klein discuss the reality of the US mixed, NOT free market, economy. Or Dr. Robert Murphy’s discussion of the US government’s depredations and wars of aggression.

Obama’s Real Goal for America – Socialism

But then again…so is John McCain — watch the video below to understand more clearly what I mean.


Dr. Paul Talks socialism

October 14, 2008

Representative Ron Paul discusses how you cannot save free markets with socialism.