More Videos of Dr. Paul for your viewing pleasure

Dr. Paul on Interventionism 

Dr. Ron Paul and Michael Scheuer educating Rudy

Ron Paul, a Jeffersonian Republican

Sean Hannity…has proven over and over again he had no intellectual depth…a perfect role model for the all followers of Rush Limbaugh

Maybe the most important video — Ron Paul on simple, easy to understand economics

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2 Comments on “More Videos of Dr. Paul for your viewing pleasure”

  1. wedeclare Says:

    I love this guy.
    I’m pretty tired of people judging presidents’ worth by the amount of trouble they drag us through. The best presidents are, in my book, the so-called, “do nothing” and “ineffective” presidents like Rutherford Hayes under whom Nothing Bad Happened, and under whom we just happened to thrive, innovate, become wealthy and free like no nation ever before or since.
    Would that really be so bad?
    Ron Paul is the only candidate of any party who has any intention of taking the Presidential Oath of Office seriously.
    Is there any another issue worth discussing?
    In fact, isn’t there, legally, technically and practically, only ONE candidate for President of the United States of America?

  2. Matt Shannon Says:

    Indeed, he is the only person who is running who actually cares about the Constitution. Moreover he is the only candidate who understands economics, the free market, and the financial crisis our country is facing.

    Every other person is who is running — “liberal” or “conservative” — is only concerned with saying whatever it takes to get them elected.

    Like Harry Browne once said, “The problem is not the abuse of power, it’s the power to abuse.”

    And that is what so many of these people aspire to acquire, the power to abuse.

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