Great Reads for Today, to either relax and enjoy…or get ready for WAR over

The Weimar President 

This post by “the other” Scott Horton is a very insightful post about the real lessons of World War II that we should never forget.

“In the darkest days of World War II, in early 1942, both Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill went before their people and gave them a straight account of the struggle they faced. They called for resolve and commitment. But they never understated the challenge ahead.” Read the rest of the article here.

Don’t forget to read the Vietnamese reaction to the Rube-N-Chief’s speech here

The article begins by saying, “Hanoi is dismayed by President George W. Bush’s invocation of the ignominious US withdrawal from Vietnam to explain the need to maintain US forces in Iraq. Ton Nu Thi Ninh, former deputy chair of the foreign relations committee of Vietnam’s National Assembly said, ‘It is very ill-considered and, frankly, cavalier to make use of Vietnam in such a way to extricate himself from the Iraq debate.’ ”

Seneca on Man’s Moral Purpose again, by “the other” Scott Horton.

A Million Pilgrims Told to Leave Karbala This from ABC news via The Stress Blog.
This type of argument, “we’ve got to stay because there will be mass murder of XYZ faction/citizens” is a fools premise, prime facie. If we started the killing…we should then support the contiued killing, support both sides, Sunni and Shia, and continue to funnel billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars into another blackhole? What a wise and so farseeing point.

But, ah…no thanks.

You government types can’t even clean up the streets outside your own office how in the world you can solve ANYONE’S problems half-way ’round the world.

Reminds me of Reagan’s quip, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

Bringing Politics Back to the People – The Do-It-Yourself Campaign of Ron Paul a good peice by Sean Scallon at the American Chronicle

And in the “even more disturbing news” section, Study: US preparing ‘massive’ military attack against Iran

Alright folks, it’s time to break out the heavy artillery and protect the homestead because with this Congress, a good 432 of them, and this “Executive” administration now all of the real supporters of Liberty will have to protect ourselves against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. I hope you’re ready. I certainly am.

A few more good reads for the day.

Soldier We Love You: Early Friday Film Review, “Sir! No Sir!”

Comprehensive Health Care Act by Ron Paul

A Political Theory of Geeks and Wonks by Mises Institute Editorial Vice president Jeffrey Tucker

Black Comedy by the Southern Hero Charley Reese

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