Bush says Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11

Of course those of us who remain well informed know this to be the case. However, there are many not-so-conservatives who are the BIGGEST know-it-alls who claim that Saddam Hussein was involved in the attacks, e.g. Rush, Hannity, Beck, Boortz, et al.

You all are shamless. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence I’m sure you’ll act just like president Clinton and deny, deny, deny.

Please don’t tell me you are now going to disagree with your beloved leader now. You all didn’t have the testicular fortitude to do it then…why would you do it now?

And in case you missed my post this past Tuesday here is the video that has everyone buzzing. In the video below it seems at one time the current vice presodent knew what he was talking about. Now that he occupies the vice president’s mansion he seems to have forgotten all that he knew a mere 10 years ago.

Was he lying then or now…you make the call. Keep in mind not much changed since then except we had bombed Iraq for another 8 years before attacked them again. So, again…you make the call.

Is the vice president a liar…or did he just “change his mind”?

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