Petraeus: troop reduction plan seen

This via Yahoo.newsGen. David Petraeus is looking for Sunni allies (those who believe the same brand of Islam as Bin Laden) in a country where we support and helped create a Shite dominate (those who believe the same brand of Islam as do the Iranians who we are now threatening to attack) government.

The thrust of the story is to state that Petraeus is, “[P]reparing recommendations on troop reductions before he returns to Washington next month for a report to Congress. He predicted the U.S. footprint in Iraq would have to be “a good bit smaller” by next summer.”

But in the very next sentence the story says Petraeus, “cautioned against a quick or significant U.S. withdrawal that could surrender ” ‘the gains we have fought so hard to achieve.’ ”

Way to “lead the way” by talking out of botth sides of your mouth General. You give the 101st Airborne and Army Rangers a bad name.

There will be killing when we leave…there is killing now. The only thing we will stop is the death of our soldiers if we leave. America has little credibility to lose thanks to this administration so spare me that argument.

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