CORRECTION: Four suicide bombings kill 200 not 175 in Iraq

Will the killing of civilians ever stop? Can the case even be made that “pulling out of Iraq will lead to more civillian deaths”? I haven’t seen one. I have heard and read the irrational rantings of neoChristo-fascist, homo and islamo-phobes.

It is so sad to see that there is such a lack of any true understanding of warfare that it is easy to agitate for things one would not fight for themselves, other than running their reckless and feckless mouths. If you all who are “brave” enough to call for the killing of anyone had the courage of your convictions you too would have already engaged in the fight besides simply exercising your gums.

Or maybe you could simply follow the advice of one of the right wings favorite warmongers Winston Churchill who once said, “In war it is always better tp jaw-jaw than to war-war.”

And since I seem not to be able to get one single neofascist to answer these questions, maybe you dear reader of this column, whether you are a supporter of the current never-declared-war, could please answer the following questions:

What led to the Spanish-American War?

Why do so-called conservatives like Theodore Roosevelt so much? After all, he was Bill Clinton’s favorite Republican president.

Why was Woodrow Wilson elected on the platform of “he kept us out of war” only to be in front of Congress six months later making the case for America to get into World War I?

What was the Brest-Liovsk Treaty?

What turned the war in the Allies’ favor?

Why was Article 231 of the Treaty of Versailles so important?

Why have we been so heavily involved in the Middle East since 1919?

Why were we (the U.S. government) in favor of the fabled “red line” agreement?

How was it that Hitler, the failed art student and street punk, was elevated to power in such an advanced and industrialized society?

Why was Hitler’s Anschluss with Austria so critical?

What led the Japanese to attack at Pearl Harbor?

Why did we give enough tax payer dollars to fund 60 combat divisions of the Soviet Army for siding with the Allies for six days?

Why then did Joseph Stalin become an ally and then an enemy of the U.S so quickly?

Why did we drop, not one but two, atomic bombs on Japan?

What led to the “Cold War?”

Why did we support the creation of Israel?

What led to U.S. forces being shipped out to Korea?

Why did we overthrow the Shah of Iran in 1953?

Why did we invade Viet Nam?

Why were the Marine barracks blown up in Lebanon?

Why did we support Saddam Hussein during the 1980’s?

What were the reasons for the first Persian Gulf War?

Why were the Air Force Barracks blown up in Saudi Arabia in 1996?

Why did Osama bin Laden declare war on the U.S. in 1996?

Why were two American Embassies bombed in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998?

Why did we go to war in Kosovo?

Why did the USS Cole get bombed in 2000?

Why was America attacked on September 11th?

Why do the “terrorists” really hate us?

I look forward to reading your responses.

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