Oh so worthy of note today

Having Fun Doing Good Tom Woods on working to help get Ron Paul elected next year. Ah…how good it feels not having to say, “Well, I was voting for the lesser of two evils.”

Here is Bob Murphy on What’s Your YouTube Question?

Faux News vs. Military Men and Women Tom Dilorenzo on the lying Faux News channel and their phoney support of our troops.

 Is the Perfect Storm Brewing for Ron Paul? by Murray Sabrin

How to Win in Iraq by William S. Lind

And look at Scott Horton diggin’ up more dirt on the Vice President. Check out this video he’s got posted to his blog.

And see Glenn Greenwald‘s Spotlight article over at Antiwar.com

You can draw your own conclusions.

And then read his EFPs are Made in Iraq by Iraqis, Those Who Blame Iran are Liars what a tangled web they weave.

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