And in another tribute to being 70+…

Ron Paul came in fifth in the Iowa Straw poll.

Like I wrote to a friend earlier today, “It’s a success in many respects. Just think of this: Romney spent about $2,000 in campaigning to get each vote cast on his behalf, and Ron Paul about $200 and the vote total was:
5th Ron Paul: 1305 votes

2nd Mike Huckabee: 2587 votes

1st Mitt Romney: 4516 votes

So that’s only a little more than a 3:1 advantage when Romeny spent 10 times the money as Paul. He said that they needed to “crush” whoever was second by at least 2:1 or he would consider it a loss. Which it must have been. Thank goodness.

I mean, the guy seems alright but we don’t need “decent” or “alright” to be president. Those aren’t highly sought-after traits, know what I mean?

There are a lot of changes that have to come about but when the rhetoric stops and the pens gets to signing legislation…it’s just more of the same neoconservative doctrine that has gotten us into this mess.

Here is his speech to the Iowa crowd.

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