Did You All Catch that…?

You mean other people really did hear this too? 

Oh my goodness. This after I just saw an hour discussion on CSPAN this morning with Winslow Wheeler who intially sounded like he was a supporter of Dr. Paul’s. But sadly, I think he, like Chris Matthews, is looking for a president who has a more “polish.” But as time passes I’m sure they will see that freedom and liberty are still very popular in this country.

But does it really matter at all? Does anyone believe that Chris Matthews lover of classical liberalism, free-markets, non-intervention, small, limited government, peace and reason? Do you rememeber what he thought of Reagan? I mean come on, his boss was Tip O’Neil.

I will say though, Dr. Paul has done well enough without the mainstream media so it’s going to be amazing when they finally catch on. I just wish they actually had “debates” in our elections and not just talking points contests. Ron Paul would actually provide a good number of graduate level lectures that even guys like the Hannitizer could learn from.

Whether it be John McCain on war, Rudy Guiliani on 9/11 and its causes, Mitt Romney on fundamental, consistent conservative principles there really is no competition. From monetary policy, to international relations, to national defense Ron Paul has the wisdom of someone worthy of being our nation’s president.

Even guys who I thought disappeared from the true conservative path, have returned to their roots.

And a brief aside, did anyone catch the Charlie Rose show with Senator Joe Biden? Why does he advocate a simple, limited government for the Iraqi people when he cannot even vote to support that kind of government here?

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