Being Flashy with no Substance

I want to share with you today an old story of a man named Yang Chufu. He was a very important diplomat in the Jin dynasty.


During his time he was sent to the county of Wei on an important diplomatic mission. When he arrived back, he passed through Ningyi County and spent the night in a hotel there. The owner of the hotel, Mr. Ying, took note of how good the diplomat’s appearance was. He commented to his wife, “I wanted to follow and excellent person years ago, but so many years passed an I never found one. Now, I think your husband is such a person. So, I want to go with him wherever he goes.”


With the permission of his wife he went with Yang Chufu. On the way, they randomly discussed political theory, religion and philosophy. But before long Mr. Ying returned home.


Suddenly finding her husband had come back, his wife asked why he had returned so soon.. He said, “I appreciate that he had a good appearance, but his talking is frivolous. If I follow him I will learn nothing other than how to look good. Since the world is not governed by looks, I have come back.

See where you can apply this lesson in your own life and how you can learn be aware of this potential pitfall.

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