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Today Walter Block adds more to his critique of the Pro-War Libertarian approach to foreign policy of Randy Barnett, et. al.

Over the weekend, John V. Denson — author of A Century of War, The Costs of War and Reassessing the Presidency — wrote a very good review of The Pearl Harbor Myth: Rethinnking the Unthinkalbe by George Victor. In his piece untitled, FDR, Pearl Harbor and the U.N. Mr. Denson agrees with some points Mr. Victor makes but states that,
“I strongly disagree with his conclusion that the American people have knowingly condoned the deceitful activity of the presidents Victor mentions because our history books do not contain this information, it is not taught in the schools and universities and it is not recited by the news media. You have to have independent researchers like Victor to find and disclose most of this information.”

Read the rest of his articvle here.

Also over the weekend, Lew Rockwell wrote an article citing The Federal Governments intervention into the economy is making our present stae like, “It’s the 1930s All Over Again.”

Lew asks, “What would happen should the bottom fall out? Scary thought. We need ever more public spokesmen for our cause. In many ways, the Mises Institute bears a heavy burden as the world’s leading institutional voice for peace and economic liberty. So does And we are working in every way possible to make sure that the flame of freedom is not extinguished, even in the face of legions of charlatans and power-mongers. Even though the politics of our times is as dark as ever, there are bright lights on the horizon.”

Read the rest of this piece here.

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