Sad stories from people on the “inside”

There really is so much inane babble that permeates the war party it’s hard to keep up with it all.

I share ideas with folks in the military from time to time and many believe just utter nonsense that is just factually incorrect.

Here I’ll share with you some select highlights from the latest exchange.

First, they beginning by saying, “The problem I have is that you are way too liberal from my prospective.”

So immediately this means none of my points were understood. I actually spoke to this person and they had never heard of classical liberalism although they tried to pretend they had.

They went on to write that,

I was raised in a military family with a father that did 30 years and fought in 3 wars.  All I knew and understand was to support the USA and it’s people and to help those people in other countries that were not able to help themselves because of the leadership that they incurred.  During my time with my father we lived in about 7 different countries and I had a chance to see how their culture and life styles were.  They were not the greatest compared to what we have in this country.  When I went to Nam, I believed that we were there to rid their country of the tyrants that had overtaken the people by force and now caused them a hardship that you will never experience in your life time.”

Now, not to mention the fact they too would never experience anything like the perceived tyranny and directly pointing out a classic example of being brainwashed.

It’s the ole “you’ll never know because you weren’t there” type of circular logic. Again never considering the fact it was not as if he was a citizen of the country. He was just what Murray Rothbard called the humanitarian with a gun.

See here  and here 

Furthermore it was said that,

I want all countries to have the same way of life that we have, freedom to do the things that we want, to say what we want without worry of being incarcerated, hung or shot.  We have been to war because the leadership that we voted into office is fulfilling our request to help other nations to succeed in being an independent nation free from dictatorship.”

And here is a critical piece. In Vietnam,

“I saw those people being mutilated by their own people (South & North Vietnamese) and I saw how they lived and had lived for 100’s of years.  I wanted to given the best that life had to offer and war wasn’t part of it but we had to do something to rid their country of the adversaries controlling them.”

Never mind the fact that this has been done to our soldiers by our government, i.e. shipping them off to fight, die, and get maimed/wounded in totally fabricated war (see here, here, and here) but this just further illustrates the wholehearted belief in ludicrous policies that have put our country in the position it’s in today.

Another thing that is critical to understand about the person who wrote this is the fact they have repeatedly admitted to not knowing much about history, politics, or religion.

Yes, you read that correctly. After serving in three branches of the military and being a “civil servant” now you know why this person says the things he does.

One last gem from this public do-gooder,

“I have never done any research on any religion. It was not my forte while in college or in life.  I have read on WWI, Hitler’s rise to power and other actions but I don’t read all day long as I have a Job and make good money at it.  Just think you pay my salary through your tax dollar.  Nice isn’t it…”

The worst thing about his last quip is that he doesn’t even get the fact that he is not only a huge part of the problem we face but that he too is a HUGE waste of taxpayer dollars.

Sadly, I don’t think he understand that point at all…all the while trying to brag, I think, that he doesn’t read much. It should be manifest that reading a little would not take all day.

If he would only take the time to read once a day how much of a difference would that make…who knows.

do yourself a favor and read more now about Proof Bush Fixed The Facts, the secret Downing Street Memo, Being Sold A Bill of Goods. You can also download an interview of Ray McGovern, retired CIA analyst of 27 years, founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. This interveiew of Mr. McGovern was conducted by Scott Horton for Antiwar Radio.

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