Everyone is Hitler!

Be sure to download the interview of Jacob Hornberger at the Stress Blog.

Scott and Jacob begin their discussion with reference to how most modern “evil leaders” are just the next incarnation of Hitler and just how foolish this idea is. They rightly address the U.S. intervention in WWI as to what led to WWII and how most American politicians tend to shy away from any discussion of WWI.

They are fearful of this discssion because many terrible things would be found out about the horrible record of American foreign policy in the 20th century. Well, until the modern Republican party figured out a way to use one of our worst presidents, Woodrow Wilson, to their advantage. See Max Boot’s What the Heck Is a ‘Neocon’? where he thinks he makes a good case for Republicans to act like Democrats.

This my friends has been swallowed hook, line and sinker. Republicans are not Democrats…no matter how our President acts.

Then read Thomas DiLorenzo’s reaction to another neocon over at the Lew Rockwell Blog on this same score.

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