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Today at Juan Dr. Cole discusses the fact that the US and Iran are Allied Against Sunni Guerrillas.

Wait a second…can that really be true?

Is the U.S. really positioning our troops for total defeat?

Read more by Juan Cole and the US-Iran Alliance Against Sunni Guerrillas here

Yesterday at Juan Cole writes, Bush’s incompetence gives al-Qaida new life

In the past week, worrying signs of a resurgence of al-Qaida surfaced in cyberspace, in Pakistan and in Washington, D.C. The Pakistani military’s invasion of a major mosque and seminary complex in the country’s capital set off an unprecedented, violent wave of protests and car bombings in the north of the country.

Read the rest of this piece here. Via

Wall Street Brokers, Ivy League Professors, Soldiers of Fortune, Ad Men, Newsmen, Stunt Men, Second-Story Men, and Con Men on Active Duty for the United States

By Chalmers Johnson


U.S. and Iran Trade Blame in Second Round of Iraq Talks

BAGHDAD, July 24 — A second round of talks between American and Iranian diplomats produced scant evidence of progress or common ground on Tuesday, with each side emerging to blame the other for hindering progress on security in Iraq.

Ryan C. Crocker, the American ambassador to Iraq, reiterated accusations that Iran was providing weapons and training for Shiite militias to attack American-led forces in Iraq, while his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Kazemi-Qumi, countered that Iraqis were “victimized by terror and the presence of foreign forces” in their country.

Yesterday, at the Mises Blog Gary Galles gives an answer to the Freaks.

With its title of Freedomnomics, some might dismiss John Lott’s latest book as just some slanted ideological rhetoric to be ignored. That would be a mistake. Having known him since graduate school at UCLA, I can attest that he is not an ideologue trying to abuse logic and statistics to confirm prior assumptions. He is someone who does his best to follow where the evidence leads. His subtitle’s conclusion that “the free market works” is the result of years of careful investigation, not a premise he started out to “prove,” regardless of reality.

Read the rest of Galles’ piece here.

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One Comment on “More from today’s headlines”

  1. NLihach Says:

    FYI – The Osama Bin Laden tape that Cole references is a FAKE – Rather, it’s from 2001.

    Surprise, surprise… we can’t always believe everything that’s written…

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