July 24, 2007

JPFO ALERT: Compromise: Political Poison

Popular writer L. Neil Smith has authored another article,
entitled “Political Poison”. You can read it at . In it he discusses
why we should never acquiesce to political compromise. A
four-time Prometheus Award-winner, Smith has been writing
about guns and gun ownership for more than 30 years. He
co-authored the Bill of Rights novel _Hope_
( ) along with JPFO’s own Aaron Zelman.

In a related article, “Working for the Clampdown”
( ), James
Bovard demonstrates how compromise has led to unprecedented
power concentrated in the hands of the Executive Branch.

Read these articles and pass them along to those who
advocate “reasonable” compromise. As “Political Poison”
states, “Any compromise with evil … is evil.”

– The Liberty Crew

PS: For a good example of the results of “compromise”,
watch our new documentary _The Gang_ . Visit for more information.

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