The Stress Blog Going Strong

Scott Horton from Antiwar dot com fame hosted the Charles Goyette show this morning.

He did a great job making the case AGAINST the case for going to war with Iran. To help him the case he interviewed Dr. Gordon Prather, Juan Cole (who actually speaks Farsi), former CIA agent Phil Giraldi, Bob Dreyfuss, Gareth Porter, and Justin Raimondo.

When I was listening he didn’t actually have Justin on the show yet so I’m not sure if he ever got him on the phone. But either way, any one of the other interviews made up for it. Be sure to check out all of Scott’s interviews on his web site. He interviews some of the best journalists and authors in the country. I’m sure he’ll have MP3s of the show up before long.

If you’d like to make a statement about Liberty be sure to browse and buy some of his bumperstickers!

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One Comment on “The Stress Blog Going Strong”

  1. darin Says:

    could there be any doubt of the ‘neocons’ deception after that show? once again, proving that republicants & demoncrats are 2 elements of the same poison of which there is only 1 cure, concern. apathy, in every case, leads only to dispair.

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