A Foreign Policy of Freedom

Another great book by Ron Paul is A Foreign Policy of Freedom. In this book Dr. Paul shows why he has been elected to, and is currently serving, his tenth term in Congress. Hint: It’s not because he’s just another politician telling folks what they want to hear. He eloquently defends the U.S. Constitution, is dedicated to limited government, free markets, individual liberty, and freedom.

As Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. says in the Foreword, “He has drawn public attention to the ideas of the Founders. He has alerted people to the dangers of empire. He has linked domestic and foreign affairs through libertarian analytics, even when others have been bamboozled by the lies or too intimidated to contradict them. He has told the truth, always. For this, every American, every citizen of the world, is deeply in his debt. We can’t but be deeply grateful that Ron Paul’s prophetic words have been collected in this book. May it be widely distributed. May its lessons be absorbed by this and future generations.”

There are many reasons to read A Foreign Policy of Freedom. If you actually find an honest politician, one who is schooled in fiscal and monetary policy, international relations, and history you should do what you can do to support his campaigns…especially when they are running for the Presidency.

Support Ron Paul.

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2 Comments on “A Foreign Policy of Freedom”

  1. Elwar Says:

    Please take the time to help us in writing a letter to the editor for Ron Paul. Read the article here:

    Sign the pledge here:

  2. David H Says:

    I fully agree. It’s a real shame there aren’t more Ron Paul’s on Capital Hill. Sometimes I wonder how we let this happen. We elect some of the very worst of us, when there are so many decent and intelligent citizens among us.

    There is a link to more reviews of this book from my page, which I think is listed above this post here. Take a look and browse. I just composed an interesting appraisal of the safety of Diebold’s optical scan voting machines.

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