Who believes we’ve got to stay the course?

Only those who have no idea how to fight and win a war, that’s who. As I’ve written in the past, Today’s military is being led by politicians, many of whom were too scared to fight in Vietnam so they got deferments, who are too willing to sacrifice the lives of other people.  China is a vast, beautiful, brilliant and very friendly nation. Why is it that we have so many “leaders” in this country trying to scare people into not liking the Chinese? We could never defeat the Chinese except in a nuclear war.

Is that what we want?

None of the scholars I talk with want that, none think it’s a good idea nor do any us think it should be what our government calls our “foreign policy” vis-à-vis China.  But these are the foolish mistakes made by foolish men and women who have a very limited knowledge of history and warfare.”

Many well informed folks in this country seem to have a better grasp of what to do than the majority of people in our Congress. Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that President George W. Bush’s troop “surge” strategy for Iraq has been a failure, at a time when the president was trying to rally support for the strategy, according to a new poll released by Newsweek on Friday.

While this is going on the drumbeat for war against Iran has been steadily beating. While this is happening there is the growing potential for the U.S. to attack…Pakistan? See here and here

Also, Scott Horton found a good piece from Friday’s Washington Post about the ever expanding Bush imperium.

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