Some great news from Saturday

Here is the youtube link to Ron Paul’s appreance yesterday in Spartansburg, SC

Thank you The Conservativist

And the “could have been much better, but not too shabby” piece in the NY Times today about Dr. Ron Paul

Believe it or not even Chris Matthew is starting to get it. See his appreance on the Tonight Show where you can actually see him getting a little bit angry. You wouldn’t expect it from a guy who is such a statist but WOW…it’s about time. — Via The Stress Blog

Can you really believe this guy though?  I’m glad he’s upset but the fact of the matter is that he’s the type of guy who cares more what party label you have after your name versus whether or not you actually support the Constitution.

With contempt for Dr. Ron Paul’s answer to a question in the MSNBC debate in which he said he is a, “[S]trong supporter of the original intent” of the constitution Matthews muttered under his breath, “Oh, God.

I don’t think he is really upset about what has happened in our country I think he is more upset at who got to do it, i.e. a pretend Republican versus a pretend Democrat.

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