A good survey of the effect of communisim in modern Chinese history

I will evetually be posting some of my own work on modern Chinese history (it is one of my favorite topics, you know) but this weekend’s edition of Lew Rockwell.com Lew writes about the, “scandal…that few Westerners are even aware, or, if they are aware, they are not conscious, of the bloody reality that prevailed in China between the years 1949 and 1976, the years of rule by Mao Zedong.”

And Lew goes on to sum up quite well the fact while so many think they know something of China they know shockingly little. And for most Americans the way they would “solve the problems” in China is the same way many try and do it here, i.e. curtailing personal freedom and liberties not expanding them. Thus, forcing more state control over individuals which is the root of so many problems to begin with.

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