A bit more on accountablility in China

To buttress Lew Rockwell’s point that, “[T]he Chinese government actually executed its regulatory head of food and product safety, Zheng Xiaoyu. How very strange this last point is! In the West, we long ago gave up the idea that these people are actually supposed to carry out their jobs and should be personally responsible for their failure to do so.

This is a story from the NY Times that China is willing to deal with its production problems. The sad thing is that you can quickly see the type of authoritarian crackdown used by the Chinese gov’t. is quite to similar to our own heavy-handed approach.

It is the norm for all forms of government…it is all the application of force, in one way or another, against its citizens.


Unfortunately, the American view of China is quite skewed and often disturbing for those of us who have spent a significat amount of time in China. I have many readers who are conservatives who like to write and tell me I’m a shill for the “commie” gov’t and that I’m on the payroll there and a litany of other slurs. Whilst this is nothing I’m really concerned about, what I am conerned about is the fact that rather than seeking out their own sources of information they are much more comfortable being what Murray Rothbard termed as being “rationally igonorant.”


China long ago began taking the capiltaist road.

So wanting for economic reforms, the Chinese Government began setting up Special Economic Zones in the late 1970’s that have created a booming economy in China. And for those of us who know anything at all about the affect of economic freedom on a country’s population there is no turning back now for the people of China. It won’t be many years hence before the effects of the free market are felt throughout the the whole of the population.

I don’t mean to sound glib. There are many reforms still to be made. They did suffer under one of the most brutal communist regimes in history and there are many wounds that still must be healed.


However, when the fire of individual liberty and freedom is set ablaze it will not be long before the whole of the country is swept up in the conflagration.


If you’ve never been to the Middle Kingdom do keep in mind there is quite a bit more freedom of religion and other forms of free expression than westerners think. But what do you expect folks to believe when they are pumped full of lies by scared little men and women who live in the “ten mile square“? Life doesn’t really exist outside of D.C. anymore for 99% of these folks.

Besides how can really trust people who lust after power in a place called, “Hollywood for ugly people“?

C’est la vie, no?

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