Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

The Dire News First

Let’s deal with the ‘bad news’ first. There are three
‘bad news’ facts about high blood pressure.

1) Any elevation in blood pressure increases your
chance of having a heart attack or a stroke, but this
does not mean that you will have a
heart attack or stroke.

2) There are more than 50 million Americans with
this important medical condition, and one out of
every two people over age 60 has high blood pressure.

3) Third, many men and women don’t even know they
have high blood pressure because it has few symptoms,
especially in its early stages.

What’s the good news?

If you already know you have high blood pressure and
that is an important first step. There are several easy
ways to health control and manage your blood pressure
and reduce your chances of a heart attack or stroke.

Fatality rates from heart attacks and stroke in the United
States have decreased by 40-60 percent over the last
20 years, partly because of more effective
blood pressure control.

And that’s a beautiful thing.

So what are the sensible choices?

Exercise generally decreases both the systolic and
diastolic value by about 10 points. And it does not
take years of exercise to lower your blood pressure.

What is more, it may even happen as early as the
first few weeks after increasing your physical activity levels.

The great thing is many clinical studies have shown increased
levels of physical activity have benefits that go beyond the
reduction in blood pressure.

Exercise also helps with weight control and improves
blood cholesterol and glucose levels so that your risk
of having a heart attack or strokeis lower, even if
your blood pressure is not reduced to normal levels.

As you could imagine people with hypertension that
are active and fit have a substantially lower death rate
than their sedentary and unfit peers.

Being more active is also good for people with
high normal blood and those with normal blood
pressure who have a family history of high blood pressure.

These types of people have a greater chance of
developing high blood pressure in the future.

So, you can see how exercising regularly might help
prevent blood pressure from ever becoming a medical problem.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some tips about what
types of exercises you should be doing and the
methods of training you should be following.

Enjoy your day!

Lead the way–
Matt Shannon

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