Read, think, learn and follow…

I get emails all the time about success and achievement.
I also get tons of emails about what people can do to
achieve a happier, healthier more successful life.

There are many things you can read in the ’self-help’
section of the bookstore or library…most of which are
primarily made up of a whole hodgepodge of trite,
and in some cases, total B.S.

To provide those who would like some sincere AND
applicable knowledge (transferable into wisdom)
I’ve put together a list of things you can do each
day to help really help push you head-and-shoulders
above to crowd.

First is:
Create more energy in your life. The starting point for
greater results is greater energy. Greater energy will
allow you to be more productive and is required to apply
any of the other tactics on this list. Coincidentally,
energy often is cited as a major reason why people
don’t make positive change in their professional life as well.

Three simple suggestions will get you
on the path to greater energy:

A – Eat better – consume healthier, more natural foods
in smaller quantities;

B – Exercise more – build your stamina and strength; and

C- Sleep smarter – develop a ’sleep routine’ to ensure you
get enough sleep to be alert and positive each day.

Did you catch that?

That’s four important things in ol’ numero uno
(that’s ‘number one’ for those of you out there
in the upper Midwest)!

#2 is commit to better working relationships.
While we are typically hired for, or select our work based on,
our technical competence, more often our success is
defined by our interpersonal skills.

Make the commitment to improving your working relationships.
A quick reflection on your strengths and weaknesses will
reveal where you need to start.

And improving your working relationships doesn’t mean
finding a best friend at work
(although there’s nothing wrong with that),
but it does mean building relationships that create
greater communication, connection and support.

#3 is to project a contagious, positive attitude.

A positive attitude is contagious (so is the opposite)!
Ask yourself which attitude you want to promote in
your workplace. Making the choice to be more positive,
supportive and enthusiastic will make a huge difference
in your productivity and will positively impact the
productivity of those around you too.

#4 is to talk less, listen more.

Nearly everyone will benefit professionally by this advice.
Talking less and listening more will improve communication
with customers, colleagues and everyone else.

The value of this tactic cannot be overestimated.

#5 is to keep a journal. A journal is an amazing learning tool!
It can be electronic, in your day planner, on a legal pad, in a
dedicated book of your choice, or anywhere else you choose.

Where you journal is less important than that you journal.

Use your journal to jot down key ideas to refresh
your memory, new ideas you want to capture, lists of the
books you want to read, a list of the books you have read,
a list of your goals – you get the idea. A journal is a tool
for reflection and forward thinking that can become
one of the most valuable development habits you’ll ever create.

Then finally #6 is to set a big goal. Simply setting a goal
would be a good tactic, but setting a big goal is a
better tactic. Your goal can be related to one of the areas
above, it can be about other skill development, or it could
be related to a promotion.

Your goal could be a financial one, or it could be something
totally unrelated. Whatever it is, setting it provides you
greater focus and raises your intention for success.

But make it big.

Stretch yourself beyond where you think you ‘should’ be to
believe something big is worthy of your plans and then do it!


The Lexicon


Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): trit*er; trit*est
Etymology: Latin tritus, from past participle of terere to rub,
wear away — more at THROW
:hackneyed or boring from much use : not fresh or original

There are many things you can read in the ’self-help’
section of the bookstore or library…most of which are
primarily made up of a whole hodgepodge of trite,
and in some cases, total B.S.


Lead the way–
Matt Shannon

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