Make Every Single Day Count

Almost everyone finds it difficult to find time to train. That’s
why I’ll give you three ways to get more out of each day.
In addition to training, applying these principles to your
life will help you everyday.

Part of my job is simply to help you simplify your life.

Simply to simplify.

If I can help you learn that important philosophical nuance
then we are halfway there. The less you have to ‘think’
about your actions, the more you will realize how much free
time you really have to enjoy life.

Alright, the first thing you need to do is to get organized.

Organization is critical. Anyone, who wants to be effective,
must organize each day. First, you must think about your
goals. The world is moving faster than ever before, and
that’s why it’s important to recognize the things that you
want to achieve.

You cannot concentrate on everything therefore you need
to decide: What are my primary goals?

After you have prioritized what is most important in your life
you can organize your days. Can be done pretty quickly but
the hard part is still to come.

Now, there is no point in making plans, if you HAVE NO
INTENTION of sticking with those plans.

Therefore you should never deviate from your routine.

Commitment is the key word.

If you want to be successful in life, you need to coordinate
your time well and you ought to have a proper schedule.

Second is to write down your goals.

Write down your goals and everything that must be done
to achieve those goals. You ought to do this in order to
keep a clear mind. This exercise is worth its weight in gold!

The average person has few real goals let alone ones they
could readily tell you off of the top of their head. They are
like the neighborhood dog that chases every car that passes.

They chase every whim but in the end, end up with nothing.

By writing down your goals, you see it in writing and can form
an effective plan of attack. This exercise is easy and incredibly

We’ll talk about goal setting a bit more later.

And finally avoid temptations.

There are so many things that can distract your attention
that it is good to think about them for a while. The cell phone,
the PDA, the TV, movies, your girlfriend or boyfriend, the
internet, friends and your family are all time-consuming and
they can make your day a TOTAL failure.

Okay, so does this mean that a person, who wants to be
successful, must abandon all the above mentioned things?

Of course not.

Your friends won’t vanish in a day and you can call your
momma later!

Make no excuses!

Accomplish your objectives…otherwise you have failed.

Again commitment is the key!

Don’t let temptations get in your way!

If you want to commit to excellence today and begin achieving
all of your health and fitness goals join the Legion of Warriors

Lead the way-
Matt Shannon

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