A message only for those who care about themselves

We’ve discussed before, at length, that the first government food pyramid is absurd and why eating more carbs is NOT the way to lose fat.

Today, I’ll:

A – Show you why the new food pyramid is not much better.
B – Give you some new strategies for building your own food
pyramid – one that works.
C – Show you how to choose foods that build muscle and
burn fat.
D – And you may be surprised that you don’t have to give
up the foods that you really love!)

Well, after much rancorous and inane debate, our government
has finally revised the food pyramid.

Somehow ‘grains’ once again form the base of the
pyramid. Worse still, our all-knowing, all-caring thinks
fifty percent, that’s 50%, of these grains should come
from breakfast cereals, breads, and pastas!

What about processed sugars?


Even those so-called ‘healthy’ whole grain breakfast cereals
can be up to 40% sugar. And this is a big problem for Americans.

Something else they missed…soda. Remember what you
learned about the glycemic index. Sodas raise your blood
sugar almost immediately. Your body interprets this in the
same way as high glycemic foods.

The new food pyramid is nonsensical.
Just like the old one, will help make you a lard arse! It will
also dramatically increase your risk of developing several
fatal diseases.

The real basis should be rebalancing the natural proportions
of the three macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

And remember…

Right Fats + Low Carbs High Protein + High Protein + Regular Exercise
Drum roll please… = Weight Loss

Strange no?

This simple formula helps you burn fat and lose weight.
Not to mention is will boost your energy and strength.

But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid sweetness altogether.
Simply choose foods that are naturally sweet and your total
grams of carbs will most likely be low. The sweetness you taste
from berries is a guilt-free pleasure because the total load of
carbs will be low and they rank very low on the glycemic index.

Never forget you have to increase your protein intake.
Quality protein is THE key to good nutrition. Protein promotes
muscle growth and over all health.

Eating more protein than you need for daily metabolism signals
to your body that ‘your hunting has been successful’ and
frees up your bodies want to burn off carbs and fat for energy.

Fish, lean meats, eggs, dairy, beans and nuts are all good
sources of protein.

Supplementing with protein powder is another way to boost
your protein intake. I often prepare many a protein shake
and add a few raw eggs. (Eating the eggs raw allows you
to absorb the protein faster and preserves nutrients that
may be lost when you cook them…)

You’ve also got to lessen the number of ‘bad’ carbs.
Processed carbs make you fat and diseased,
period end of story.

Starches in particular are the main cause of obesity.

Limit the consumption of anything made from grains or
potatoes. Get your carbs from unprocessed vegetables
that grow above ground.

And always eat natural fats. You’ve got to absorb, daily,
enough omega-3 fats for good health. Eat unprocessed
vegetable fats like avocados, nuts and virgin olive oil.
AVOID corn oil and all hydrogenated oils. Get your animal
fat from grass fed red meat, wild fish or eggs.

The Lexicon


Function: adjective
Middle English, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French
replet, from Latin repletus, past participle of replēre to fill
up, from re- + plēre to fill — more at full

1: fully or abundantly provided or filled

As is always the case, special pleaders will find in a 30, 000
word document replete with qualifications, favorite phrases
or clauses designed to make their point or a counterpoint
to any and all arguments. One only need look to the Senate
and Congress to see this infernal method of debate in full.


Lead the way–
Matt Shannon

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