When will we learn?

This post is, in part, dedicated to the memory of Harry Browne.

I just came across a story at ABC news. It seems to be a story put out by “ghosts”.

Ghosts? you may ask. Yes, read the first paragraph and tell me what you think.

“A secret U.S. law enforcement report, prepared for the Department of Homeland Security, warns that al Qaeda is planning a terror “spectacular” this summer, according to a senior official with access to the document.”

It starts off by citing a secret, no doubt government, source. Oh..and there it is right at the end of the first line, a “senior official.”

One of the main reasons why this drivel bothers me most is because of the type of people who write to me and complain about what I write.

 The complaints, well they’re not so bad. I hear the same old trite B.S. all the time. I do a lot of advetising on conservative web sites too so they often sign up, write to me to complain about what they think is wrong with what I said (imagine Rudy Giuliani at the second Republican debate) and then drop off my email — C’est La Vie!

Among the thousands of tragedies of the September 11, 2001 attacks has been that millions of Americans have still not begun to grip the basics of what our government is doing. I had a gentleman write to me the other day who has spent 28 years in three branches of the United States military and has been in the Civil Service for almost another 20 years. The man has two Master’s Degrees. One is an MBA if you can believe it.

This gentleman wrote to vent some of the same frustrations that we lovers of freedom,
not fascism,
Naa…we’re good people…now get in line comrade! have been hearing since World War I.

Now, back to Harry Browne.

Harry was fond of saying, “History didn’t begin on September 11th.” But there are so many people who operate under that horribly false premise. It’s like the whole of history began five or six years ago.

The day the attacks happened Harry went right to work writing an article to be published in World Net Daily the very next day.

The article focused primarily on a few key ideas.

      1)     Teaching lessons

2)     Losing our last freedoms

3)     What to do?

4)     What should be done?

5)     Losing our last freedoms and…

6)     Patriotism

This initial article turned into four.The thrust of the second article can be nicely summarized with Harry responding to an emailer. The emailer wrote to Harry to say,

“’It sickens me that you would use this tragedy this way.’ In what way? To try to stop it from happening again? To try to stop our politicians from running off and bombing more innocent people? As a normally public voice, should I sit quietly by and not point out that our politicians are continually putting innocent Americans in harm’s way by terrorizing innocent foreigners? I understand your outrage and emotional reaction, but we must hold our own politicians accountable for the anger they are causing around the world with their careless, dangerous, show-off tactics.”

What about World War II? This is one of the tried and not-so-true arguments made by hundreds of thousands of neoconservatives.“What about the situation in the 1930s, where the British under Chamberlain tried to appease rather than oppose Hitler, with horrible results?” Many historians believe that if Chamberlain hadn’t signed the Munich Pact in 1938, but had instead gone to war immediately with Germany, an unprepared England would have been defeated easily. Instead, the delay gave England time to get ready to resist Hitler – and even then, a better-prepared England just barely survived. But Munich has become an all-purpose cliché to justify striking out violently against any foreign power that displeases our politicians: “If only Hitler had been stopped at Munich!” (as though at the time anyone had the resources to stop him.) We need something more substantial than clichés to prevent future terrorist attacks. “There are people like Adolf Hitler who are pure evil. You can’t hide your head in the sand and pretend they don’t exist. Our government must intervene overseas to root them out – just as we did in World War II.”There are people with diseased minds in every part of the world – from your neighborhood right on up to heads of state. Once you accept the idea that a preemptive strike is justified, where do you stop? When talking about the ideas others had written in to share with him he offered these ideas. Harry’s response to his interlocutors can be summarized in the statement,

“‘I believe we can retaliate with few innocent people killed, and Afghanistan may be a better place when we leave.’  But something very important is overlooked in almost every proposal I’ve received: When you believe the government can eradicate the terrorist threat, you’re assuming it will design, create, and carry out the plan the way you imagine it. When you endorse the idea that our government should invade Afghanistan, or occupy the Middle East, or conduct ‘surgical strikes’ against terrorist sanctuaries, or round up a particular class of people within the U.S., you automatically assume it will be done as you imagine – with no bad side effects. (This is a problem common to all government programs. You see suffering or danger, and in your imagination you see a government program eliminating it. But in the real world the program could operate as you expect only if you were a dictator – having at your disposal all of government’s power to compel everyone involved to do things your way.)”

Please take the time to read the rest of Harry’s simple yet eloquent telling of why we were attacked on September 11.

Study hard and read quickly.


Just think of all the other things that have happened since then.

Right, you’ve got a lot of work to do.

Zaijian wo de hen hao peng you…

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