In the headlines

What is going on in the world?

There is a whole lot happening in the world this morning. Let’s take a trip ’round the globe, shall we?

Israel transfers $118 mln in tax revenues to Palestinians — strange no?

 Iraqi civilian deaths decrease in June — wow, you mean other countries are doing a body count of the civilians killed in Iraq? How could that be? We are counting the numbers? Oh that’s right, we are the only major country not concerned with telling our citizens about it. That would probably lead to a quicker withdrawl.

How about these stories:

Civilian Deaths Fuel Afghan Outrage

Afghan Elders Say At Least 45 Civilians Killed in Air Strikes

Sunni Quits Parliament to Join ‘Resistance’

Sunni Faction Says 350 Dead in US Military Operation in Baquba

Taiwan to lose big in Korea-U.S. FTA — sounds like the same ole “free trade” agreement we have here. So much for the “free” in free trade.

Charley Reese on Art and Spies

Ralph Racio gives the demagogue FDR a thorough beating about the head and shoulders.

And two more headlines via

A President Besieged and Isolated, Yet at Ease

Lugar: Change In Iraq Policy Can’t Wait
Republican Senator Says Bush’s Surge Can’t Achieve Its Goals

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