Give it up for BJ Penn

As soon as BJ Penn entered the Octagon last night I knew he was going to win. To be completely honest I thought he would win anyway and I think he won the first fight.

Moving on…

When BJ came out and I saw how focused he was…it was only a matter of time for Pulver.

Jens Pulver is a very talented fighter. But te sad thing for him is that for five years BJ Penn has been waiting to set the record straight. Pulver made his entire career from his victory over Penn. From the inital victory, to his return to coach one of the teams on the ultimate fighter, and now this whole time he was using the fame he gained against Penn to keep him going.

But more important than any of the fights, while enjoying the show, and the party-goers company I was with, I noticed BJ Penn’s shirt.

Did anyone else notice his sovereignty t-shirt?

The first thing I thought was…Does he even know what that means?

Then I thought…wow…Penn is wearing a shirt that supports States’ Rights?


Who would have thought that Penn would have come out with a shirt that was for Hawaiian freedom from external control?

As Professors Thomas J. DiLorenzo and Thomas E. Woods, Jr. point out we should spread the words, and their meaning, interposition and nullification.

Every time you have the chance to speak to a friend or family member try and work these ideas into your conversation with them. Keep in mind these might not be good ideas to talk about at work since you may be fired for your “radical” views.

And keep in mind that Separation of Powers is Only Half the Story.

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