Lacking any real insight

This morning I was reading a column by Victor Davis Hanson over at National Reivew. His analysis of what he calls “Mideast Madness” is a perfect example of not seeing the forest for the trees.

Davis, like many neocons, does not have the courage of his convictions. He quipes,

Our response in America to this perennial Middle East temper tantrum? In the last 20 years, we’ve sent billions in aid to the Arab world. We’ve saved Muslims from Bosnia to Kuwait. We’ve removed dangerous thugs in Afghanistan and Iraq, fostering democracies in their place. We’ve opened our borders to immigrants from the Middle East. We’ve paid billions of dollars in inflated oil prices. All the while, many in the West have wrongly blamed themselves for the conditions in the Middle East.”

How can any lay person, never mind this scholar, seriously think that we have only been doing these things for the past 20 years? And in the same analysis think that our intervention in Middle Eastern govenrments has not led to horrible consequences, i.e. blowback.

 I’ll be back with more in a bit.

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