Is sport fighting really that bad?

"An attack must be executed with quickness,
not speed. Attack with power, not strength. There
is a great difference between speed and quickness,
power and strength. Think this through carefully.
It is the essence of strategy"
 Miyamoto Musashi 

  Why sport fighting is horrible in real life and why you’ve got to know the difference between the two?The main reason why sport fighting is so bad for real life use is that most folks are training to win a match where there is a HUGE list of rules. On the streets, there are no rules.

There is no referee to stop the fight when a guy pulls a knife on you. There is no hope of “going the distance” or hoping you can cut the guy and the ref will stop the fight. There is no way to learn sport fighting in a way that helps you if there are 2 or more people…other than luck. And if you’ve even seen any type of fight on the streets…you’ll know there ain’t much luck involved.  And if there is any luck it’s that you escape relatively unharmed. It’s one of the only things I don’t like about many “coaches” of MMA.There is not enough of an emphasis on the lack of reality of “pulling guard” and “going for a guillotine” if there are 2 or 3 other guys standing around. And if you routinely train yourself to think about fighting as merely a one-on-one phenomenon then you are only hurting yourself.But keep in mind this is only for those who are competitive fighters. If you are taking martial arts classes be sure that you are learning things that learning real world self-protection skills not just skills for inside the cage. Remember, you’ll always react like you train…so make sure your training is a close to real life scenarios as possible.

Lead the way—
Matt Shannon

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