Those Darn al-Qaida!

Today this Headline from the New York Post
Famous Shiite Shrine in Samarra Attacked

The same shrine was attacked in 2006. And, “After last year’s bombing, the mosque was guarded by about 60 Federal Protection Service forces and 25 local Iraqi police who kept watch on the perimeter.”

It seems the reason why the Shrine was attacked effectively is because it employed “60 Federal Protection Service forces” who must be the types who are so effective at the FBI, the CIA, and all other State run institutions.

Muqtada al-Sadr was quoted in a speech read by one of his top aides saying that “to show that the only enemy of Iraq is the occupation and that’s why everyone must demand its departure or scheduling its presence.”

He is diluting himself…what occupation is he talking about?

Obviously they claim it was “al-Qaida assailants.”

At least they know how to read their talking points memo.

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