Three Essentials of Leadership

When looking for help to solve many of the problems of the
day like lack of discipline, direction, and leadership it’s
always a good idea to learn lessons from the past.

But from where should we learn?

Many of the ancient masters knew what it took to
become a worthy leader.

Many considered the three essentials of leadership to be:
1) Humanity
2) Clarity
3) Courage.

They considered that humanely practicing the virtues of
the correct path promotes the influence of teaching.

It would satisfy those in both low and high rank and
would delight those who took notice.

Someone with clarity follows proper behavior and just duty,
recognizes what is safe and what is dangerous, examines
people to see whether they are wise or foolish, and
distinguishes right and wrong.

The courageous see things through to their conclusion,
settling them without doubt.  They get rid for whatever
is wrong or false.

Humanity without clarity is like having a field but not plowing it.

Clarity without courage is like having sprouts but not weeding.

Courage without humanity is like knowing how to reap but
not to sow.

When all three of these are present, the community thrives.
When one is lacking, the community deteriorates.  When two
are lacking the community is in peril, and when there is not
one of the three, the way of leadership is in ruins.

For you to begin successfully following these guidelines you can start
by with my Total Body Transformation course.

With this program you can begin to be more flexible and develop
more courage and humility. In this way you can begin to
reduce your stress level and your resting heart rate.

Or like K.J. Diatsu from Fullerton, CA wrote in to say,
“This information is such a stress reliever. I’d really like to
have a copy of the music you were listening too. Those
exercises at the beginning of disc 2 have really helped
my tennis elbow.

Now I can play pain free – thanks heaps Matt”.

So, if you’d like to stop throwing your money into another
fad and hope and pray this ‘new diet’ or ‘new cardio’ or
‘new pilates’ routine will finally work then this is the program
for you.

Do yourself a favor and check out the Total Body Transformation

By this time next week you’ll already be attaining clarity and
stillness of mind, body and spirit.

Until next time.

Lead the way–
Matt Shannon

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