Do you suffer from this addiction?


Yes…worry is an addiction.

It interferes with compassion.

Worry is a problem that seems to be rampant in our culture.
Perhaps due to our highly advanced civilization; perhaps it
is due to our spiritual degeneration.

Tis a vexing question no doubt.

Whatever the source, it is clear that worry is not useful.
It’s a cancer of the emotions–it’s concern run wild. It eats
away at the body and mind.

It doesn’t do any good to say to yourself,
“Don’t think about it.”
You will only think of it more.

It is far better to keep walking your path, changing what you can.

The rest, you will find, must be dissolved by compassion.

Taking care of yourself and doing something good for those
whom you meet is enough. That my friend…is compassion.
We must exercise it even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Whenever you met a problem, help out if it is in your power
to do so. After you have acted, withdraw and be unconcerned
about it.

Walk on.

Then there is no worry, because there has been action.

Lead the way–
Matt Shannon
Author of The Warrior’s Way
Six Lightning Fast Ways To Save Your Life

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