Modern martial arts…fake or real?

I was talking with a buddy of mine a couple weeks ago –
who is a former Special Forces kinda guy and I mean by
former within the six months so yeah…he’s really happy
right about now! – anyway, this guy lived in California for
a while before he got out.

And being SF he did a lot of hand-to-hand fighting training.
He said to me, “You know Matt, I’m amazed that more
people don’t train like they would fight.” Then I told him,
“Yeah, you and your highspeed teammates would be
friggin’ DOA if you didn’t fight exactly like you train.”

We talked for a while longer and I said to him, “You know
Jay, today so many martial artists around the country
spend countless hours learning, studying, memorizing,
and performing their forms. They compete in tournaments
and have to study hard under the watchful eye of their
respective teachers. Countless hours are spent practicing
stances, balance, body posture, power generation, hand
positions etcetera. But to my amazement no matter how
many years pass and no matter how many tournaments
I attend, I never see anyone fighting with their style.

Aside from sticking and pushing hands competitions the
fighting that goes on in most tournaments today is hardly
any real martial skill.

The only other place I’ve seen people at least sparring with
their art is in shuia jiao, jiu jitsu, and judo.” And that led
to the question and I’ll ask you this now.

Are you learning any real combat skills?

Well, we talked for a while about why is it that every
sparring match at a tournament is just another horrible
version of kickboxing? Even the UFC is really just three
styles sort of blended together. And the UFC is really
just starting to look like a ‘show’ more than anything
else…it’s really beginning to have the feel of professional

Besides, in a formal martial art the only reason you practice
your forms or kata is to learn and understand your styles
method of fighting. I have NEVER — not once — seen a
jab, rear cross, an uppercut, bobbing/weaving, or any of
the other boxing techniques in any classical style of martial art.

I’ve often asked why do people bother learning martial art
if all they plan on doing is fighting like a western
boxer/kickboxer. Every time I see this stuff it makes me
think they could be saving a lot of money by just going
down to the local rec center and taking some boxing or
cardio-kickboxing classes. Really, if you want to know what
being a lean, mean fighting machine is all about you need
to check out The Warrior’s Way Fitness –
this program is like nothing else out there today.

You can imagine that most peoples’ fighting skill of would
skyrocket if they actually trained like they fought. In fact,
isn’t that an often overlooked maxim of sports and
martial arts? You fight like you train
and train like you fight. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

It sounds pretty simple to me so…why is it that most
people DO NOT use this simple principle? In the end this
just means that all your time training your forms goes right
out the window when it comes down to sparring.

Alright, we’ll talk more about this
tomorrow. But keep that in mind…YOU will always fight like
you train so get it right, today!

Lead the way –
Matt Shannon

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