Master The Essential Components Of…

Master The Essential Components Of A Realistic,
Comprehensive Approach to No-Nonsense Self-Protection

Hey mantastic if you’re searching for legitimate
self-protection skill, how-to training advice and the best
NO holds barred fitness and fighting information available,
then you’ve found what you’ve been looking for.

Throughout my career a martial arts instructor and a
personal protection consultant, I’ve had the privilege to
train hundreds of people and launch their confidence and
self-preservation skill THROUGH THE ROOF!

What do you need?

First of all, you need to focus on saving time, money, pain
and frustration!

Now, imagine hitting so hard that a single PUNCH stops
life-threatening attacks dead in their tracks! Now you must
be wondering why what I can teach you is supposed to be
so great.

Well that’s a great question.
NOW…Here’s the answer:

1. These techniques were never meant, in ANY way, for sport.
They are ONLY for self-protection on the street or battlefield.
Protecting yourself on the street ain’t pretty and it sure ain’t
no sport – so you need “no rules” tactics if you want to survive.

2. Destroying The Competition tactics are closely guarded in
many of the most elite military fighting styles from around
the world…and some still don’t know about them.

3. Ancient warriors relied on these sure fire secrets to save
their lives during hand-to-hand combat on the battle field.

4. These one-punch knockout techniques were used in the
do-or-die fights throughout Chinese, Japanese and Greek history.

5. In the United States these devastating strikes are rarely
taught to ANYONE outside of the art.

6. These devastating skills are the genesis of today’s
‘mixed martial arts’ competitions.

7. Everything you’ll see was always used in the true combat,
bare-knuckle forms of kung fu, combat wrestling, submission
wrestling, judo, ju-jitsu, and karate.

Why?… Because these tactics work! And the sad truth is
these tactics were mostly LOST due to the secrecy they have
always been surrounded by. But now, when you jump on this,
you’ll have these secrets locked in your memory forever.

I know they work because I’ve been a multiple tournament
champion and have also had to stop MANY a friggin’ bar fight,
whether I wanted to or not.

I’ve wasted a lot of time and money; sometimes resulting in
setbacks and injuries. However, I also learned

It’s taken me more than two decades to arrive at the point
where I can offer this information to you. I share my
experiences with you and offer you so much real world
fighting skill you’ll be laughing at every black belt you see.

Be one of highspeed. Be one of the brave and the bold.
Get your copy of Six Lighting Fast Ways To Save Your Life today!

Lead the way–
Matt Shannon

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