Like the Phoenix ?

Rise Again…

The chill of morning, cold stone steps,
The path to the temple is steep.
We may slip and stumble,
We must face the challenge and rise again.

The cultivation of a harmonious and peaceful outlook
is a daily activity. No matter how much you achieve
one day, you must continue all the same the next day.

The successes of progress are often so subtle that
sometimes it will feel like your efforts are worthless.
And, it’s hard to get up each morning and try again
with the same enthusiasm. Yet this is exactly what
we must do.

If you have the benefit of guidance, talent, and the
proper circumstances, then the bulk of your efforts
still must be focused on this same day to day cultivation.
No one ever leaped to heaven in one leap. Lasting benefits
from this cultivation is a steady climb.

It’s like the journey to that distant mountain temple
shrouded in misty clouds. The steps number in the
thousands; the way is steep. It takes a long time to
get there so you must content yourself with the
panoramic views along the way. If you fall, you must
pick yourself back up and get back on the trail.

Success in cultivating peace within is measured not by
spectacular events but by daily devotion. Your will is
iron and your desire will always help you rise again.

If you’d like a personal guide on this journey I will
virtually take you by the hand, and guide you step
by step through the key elements of magnetic energy
building and deep, tranquil, inner harmony building.
My Total Body Transformation course
is gaining many fans around the world.

From southeast Asia, to the UK to the good ole US of A
people are learning to have relax, breathe and move with
dynamic energy.

This will really help you appreciate the simple things in life.
You’ll walk differently and radiate powerful, persuasive energy.

Talk to you again soon –
Matt Shannon

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