If You Want Peace Prepare For War

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

This is an often misunderstood concept.

You know, far too few people
truly understand this idea.

This is NOT similar to what one of recent presidents
said describing American military prowess as
‘peace through strength’ but it’s much deeper than that.

Doesn’t ‘peace through strength’ just seem
completely Orwellian? You know, peretual war is peace,
rationing equals plenty, the truth is lies, and love is torture.


I’m not going to get too far into the Scholar Warrior’s ethos
but suffice it to say that those who typically ask for war
ARE NOT prepared to fight.

So, no matter how people may say things like,
“Oh, I’d take him” or “Hey man, I’m gonna kick your ass”
these things only prove how infantile he/she is and further
proves the limits of their abilities.

One who is truly schooled in
The Modern Art of War
never wants to fight.

A couple examples are those who are veterans of war.
Let’s look for example at Viet Nam. You talk to most
of the heroes who fought in the Nam…almost to the man
would NEVER go back…if not break down in tears at the
moment of their memories.

Another good example is PRE-breakdown Mel Gibson.
In the movie The Patriot Gibson’s character was one
of unsurpassed warrior.

He did all he could do to avoid fighting. He did so primarily
because he knew the horrors of war. He was only pushed
to fight when one of his children was killed by one of the
‘foreign INVADERS.’

This seems strangely familiar does it not?

Well, if you really want to learn to protect your
“lives, fortunes and sacred honor”
and NOT childishly go out and attack or bully people
like you’re a card carrying member of the “Cobra kai”
then you need to head on over and get your copy of
Six Lightning Fast Ways to Save Your Life
and find out what being a true Warrior is all about.

There’s no better time then TODAY —

Never think of this investment as
‘how much it will cost me’
but rather consider how much
to NOT have your girlfriend assaulted.

How much is that worth to you?

Lead the way–
Matt Shannon

P.S. Start building real world fighting skill not tournament
fighting garbage. Get to it!

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