3 Exercises That Blast Off The Bodyfat in a Flash

I’m going to share some great fat blasting exercises with
you today. You better be in good shape to try these
ones though.

The first is an incredible exercise for building
leg and hip strength.

Split Lunges
This one’s uniquely tailored to those who need balance,
coordination, explosive power and overall leg strength.

This is a great exercise. This is one though that you need
sufficient mastery and strength development from the
stepping lunges.

This is an exercise that will be really familiar to all you submission,
freestyle, and Greco-Roman style wrestlers. Once you’ve built up
your power and coordination these will be another great way to

I like to keep things as close to reality as possible.

For this drill keep your hands up in front of you as if you were in
your ready for combat stance. Start with feet together and then
explode up into the air sending one leg to the front and one to
the rear (you pick which one to begin with).

Come down with the lead leg firmly underneath you and thigh
parallel to the ground. Be careful as you come down with the
rear leg. You don’t want to crack your patella in the process.
Here it’s very easy to come down on your rear leg’s knee cap
too hard, especially in the beginning when your leg strength
isn’t that high.

Explode back into the air, switch legs and again come down
firmly on the lead leg and safely on the rear leg. Work this
into your circuit routine and you’ll really see the difference
FAST. Remember, be smart and push yourself, but not too hard.

The Grasshopper
This is a classic endurance exercise from grappling and
combat submission wrestling. Holding yourself in the
front leaning rest position you will kick your right leg
out to the left and then return and kick your left leg
out to the right. This is done on a four count! This one
will obliterate the bodyfat in a flash and make your
arms, legs and lungs very powerful.

The Dying Cockroach
This one I picked up from some buddies of mine down at
Ft. Benning, GA. This one is called the dying cucaracha.

Lay down on your back and stick your arms and
legs straight above your body. You will then lower the left
leg and right arm. You will then bring them back over
your body while you lower your right leg and left arm.
You will swing them alternating between left leg/right arm
and right leg/left arm.

This will shred the core very quickly
especially when you do them in high
numbers and on a four count.

I’m telling you what though, these are just the beginning.
To get in the best shape of you life in 10 minutes or
less per day, grab your copy of the Warrior’s Way

This program is changing lives all across the country and
serving folks in a dozen countries. Get on board NOW!

Lead the way–
Matt Shannon
Coach of Coaches

P.S. Or like Jack Lutz of Strength and Honor LLC said,
“Matt: Incredible information! You really lay it out so easy and
simple that even the most newbie of newbies can understand
it and apply your techniques. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Not too shabby!

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